Saturday, 16 May 2015

Lesley's Health Tips


Welcome to Lesley’s Healthy Tips. Watch my first video “Lesley’s Fruit Bonanza” The video tutorial will help you to make one of my natural fruit & vegetable beverages in a matter of minutes! No added sugar or sweeteners.  Try it!

Video also available on youtube and twitter!

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Have a great day all and Let The Journey Begin!    

Lesley C  ;)


  1. Hi Lesley thank you so much for your healthy tips. its been amazing to follow. please please when is your July blog coming? I love reading them and look forward to the new me with your help.

  2. Hi Anonymous. Sorry for the delay in responding and thanks for following my blog, much appreciated. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the tips and I will be posting the next blog soon. In the meantime, please do enjoy the mini blogs "breakfast of the day", "lunch of the day", different beverage ideas, and so on. Remember you can also visit Lesley's Healthy Tips on Facebook! "Let The Journey Begin!"

  3. Hello Lesley,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and have found it very informative. I am trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle, which includes healthier eating, this is where your tips are proving very useful. Keep up the good work and write more often.