Thursday, 17 November 2016

Frutee Smoothee

My ingredients:
1 Papaya
1 handful Blackberries
1 handful Blueberries
1 ripe Banana
2 cups Soya Milk
1 tsp Chia Seeds

This is my Smoothie for today packed full of healthy yet tasty stuff, easy peasy to make and is absolutely refreshing and filling.

Try it!

It's great and refreshing to be back!

As you all already know, I took a break for a few months and I must say I missed it! I enjoy blogging, particularly about healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and what works for me in the all time journey of maintaining the ultimate healthy lifestyle. 

As I always re-iterate, the journey can be challenging, especially as a new starter OR if you "fell off the wagon" or "relapsed". Believe you me, I have fallen off the wagon multiple times but I have never beaten up myself about it or become depressed because guess what, it happens and we're only human! What I do is turn the negative into the positive and start all over again. The great thing is it becomes easier as you get back into the routine.

I thought I'd start by posting a mini blog tonight about the Tea that I consume regularly (well almost daily) and its benefits. I've blogged about the infamous Green Tea which I'm sure if you have signed up to my
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Website: you would have already known that I religiously drink Green Tea! 

Green Tea:
The benefits from consuming Green Tea are vast and one of the benefits is weight loss. It is so effective that you do not need to drink a lot to help lose the weight. You can drink as little as 2 cups per day to help keep the weight controlled. Obviously you cannot rely solely on a cup of tea to lose weight - it has to be coupled with exercise, however mild, and healthy eating.

I have started infusing Fennel in my Green Tea as I discovered that it too has great benefits. It is good for cleansing the digestive system - it helps in treating diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, stomach cramps and allows easy digestion. This is great in keeping the tummy flat! Again, coupled with mild workout that focuses on the midriff area e.g. mild Ab Crunches, Sit Ups, etc you are guaranteed positive results!

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Let The Journey Begin! 🚀

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Lesley's Healthy Tips has been on a temporary break and will be posting again soon!

Let Your Journey Begin!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Another Fantastic Smoothie Idea!

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of getting in the habit of including Fruits and / or Vegetables in your daily diet, and what fun way to do it than with a home made Smoothie! If you have been following my blogs and Lesley's Healthy Tips Facebook page, then you will know that I am a Fruit Smoothie addict! I prepare my own Fruit Smoothies every morning and have it throughout the day. It helps me to curb those nagging sugar cravings, and is without doubt, a much healthier option to the sugary and icing drenched Donuts, biscuits, cakes and other pastries. It's sweet taste does the job well!

Today I decided to try something incorporate a bit of "greens" into my Smoothie. I must admit I was a bit unsure what the end product would taste like, as where I use plenty Vegetables and Fruits in my beverages, I have never used Veggies in my Smoothies.

Kale (2-3 handful)
1 Banana
A dollop of Peanut Butter for a sweet crunch (substitute with honey if allergic to nuts)
Almond, Coconut or Soy Milk
Chia Seeds

Throw them all in your Smoothie Maker and Voila....that's all!

What's in Green Smoothie Surprise (Health Benefits):


is known for lowering Cholesterol, lowering risk of Cancer (including bladder, colon, ovary, prostate and breast) good for detox or body cleansing. (ref: the world's healthiest foods) It consists of 0% saturated Fat, 0% Cholesterol, 1% total fat, 3% Carbohydrates.  


has cardiovascular (heart) and digestive benefits, very low fat (less than 4% of its calories come from fat), 0% Cholesterol. 

Peanut Butter

might not be necessarily low in fat, but the fat it contains is the heart healthy mono-unsaturated kind and Peanut Butter has scores of health benefits; full of Protein as well as Potassium which lowers risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Fibre for bowel health, Magnesium to strengthen bones and muscles; and is a good source of Vitamin E, antioxidants and Folic  

Almond Milk

has 0% Cholesterol and 0% Lactose (good if you are Lactose Intolerant). Helps with weight management, good for the heart, strengthen bones and muscles, keeps the skin glowing, very low impact on your blood sugar, keeps digestion in check and doesn't need to be refrigerated.

 Chia Seeds

very low in calories, gluten-free, loaded with antioxidants, low carbohydrate, high in fibre and protein which means it should be able to help with weight loss, high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, lowers risk of heart disease and type 2 Diabetes, improves exercise performance similar to that of a sports drink.

Have fun making the Green Smoothie Surprise and enjoy!

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Let Your Journey Begin!

Lesley C :)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

    Snippet on my Work out Tools                           (mini-blog)

Thought I'd share my "partners in crime" with you so you have an insight of the main workout tools that I use. I prefer to work out at home as it saves a bit of dosh (money) that I would've been spending at the gym. No intentions in demotivating people who work out at the gym, but with my busy lifestyle I'm 80% positive that I wouldn't be able to attend as often as I wanted, hence I would eventually be wasting money; the other 20% is the weather, I know that I definitely would be demotivated to attend the gym in the Winter season, when it's cold and dark! I would rather be indoors in my own space and not having to constantly be thinking about rushing out in the cold after gym time to get home! Just the thought makes me shiver!

Ive got my workout mat, dumbbells (light weight), work out trainers, waist belt, exercise-ball, and last but not least the Wii Console and my favourite Wii workout games.

It's important to purchase a mat that is durable, dumbbells that you can realistically manage (as you don't want to strain the biceps and triceps), waist belt size that comfortably fits round your waist / midriff , pair of comfortable sport trainers with good padding (helps prevent strain on the ankles), exercise-ball that accommodates your stature. Here in the UK, you can purchase the Wii Console at the high street shops eg. Argos, for approximately £250 and up, with the mini Consoles going at £90, but I am sure if you shop around you will be able to get better deals. My choice of Wii workout games / cd's are "The Biggest Loser", "Mya", my Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach (yes my virtual Personal Trainer, and it doesn't cost a penny extra to hire her!), and "Zumba". These are also purchased at any high street shops or game outlets. I think it's worth the investment as it has and still is working for me!

Well this is was a snippet of my main workout tools, which I hope was informative and motivating!

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Lesley C  :)

Monday, 2 November 2015


As you all may already know, I love working out and enjoy practicing Yoga. Amongst my favourite yoga styles are the Warrior one and two, Moving Cat, Child's Pose, Tree, Downward Dog, Plank to name a few!

I felt bloaty over the past few weeks, admittedly, as a result of overindulging in the delicious mesmerizing birthday cakes at my little one's birthday party! The cakes were just simply irresistable! There were more than enough left overs which I happily took home and enjoyed throughout the week - yes I got carried away! It happens to all of us! If this happens there is no need to panic! Again it all boils down to dedication and self discipline. Once you have these two factors as your foundation then, like me, you will not find it too difficult to "nip it in the bud" or take control of what you eat and the quantities. Yes, overindulgence happens to me occasionally, but I never panic as I am very disciplined and focused. Of course my dedication and self discipline comes with years of practice and realistically it will be a struggle, more so for those who are at the beginning of their journey to healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and eventually losing the weight whilst doing it!

For sugar cravings - substitute cakes and pastries with Granola bars / cookies and / or fruit smoothies. In addition to my natural fruit and vegetable juices, I also prepare smoothies! Fruit smoothies are excellent for combatting sugar cravings and keeping you filled for longer periods (preventing overindulgence). I prepare at least one fruit smoothie daily and consume throughout the day. I discovered the Granola bars recently, whilst grocery shopping and I must say that I would recommend as they are not only sweet and fruity-tasting but are also an healthier option! If you reside in the UK, the Granola bars / cookies / biscuits or slices can be purchased at most supermarkets, but I prefer the Sainsbury's version (costs just under £2 and got mine on sale today for £1, sweet!).
My Fruit smoothie of the day - glass Coconut Milk (Alpro), x 2 Red Apples (sliced), x2 Ripe Bananas and pinch of Chia seeds
Granola bar contents - jumbo Oats, Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds, Cherries, Raisins, Sultanas, Cranberries and Honey!

For more information on Overindulgence (scroll down on the right hand side and click on the "February - After The Festive Season" link) and for more information on Sugar Addiction (click on the "June - Portions" link).

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Breakfast Of  The  Day

3 Eggs**
2 slices of wholemeal or brown bread
1 slice black peppered Salami
1 slice Leerdammer "light" cheese or Weight Watchers cheese (both has 50% less fat
than cheddar)
Olive Oil
Scramble the eggs (or prepare as Omelette if you so choose) with red onions, red, green and yellow peppers  ** (no salt or black pepper added)  
Toast bread slices

Serve Cheese and Salami slice on dish with the Scrambled Eggs (or Omelette) and Toast, accompanied with a cup of Green Tea** or hot beverage of your choice
**Eggs are rich in Protein and has loads of healthy benefits
**No added salt and black pepper required as the Salami already substitutes for the salt and black pepper
**Hot Beverage - use honey as a sweetener and skimmed milk to taste 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it's quite important to have a good sized serving every morning! It gives the body all the energy it needs for the busy day ahead and normally keeps you filled until lunchtime.

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