Sunday, 8 November 2015

    Snippet on my Work out Tools                           (mini-blog)

Thought I'd share my "partners in crime" with you so you have an insight of the main workout tools that I use. I prefer to work out at home as it saves a bit of dosh (money) that I would've been spending at the gym. No intentions in demotivating people who work out at the gym, but with my busy lifestyle I'm 80% positive that I wouldn't be able to attend as often as I wanted, hence I would eventually be wasting money; the other 20% is the weather, I know that I definitely would be demotivated to attend the gym in the Winter season, when it's cold and dark! I would rather be indoors in my own space and not having to constantly be thinking about rushing out in the cold after gym time to get home! Just the thought makes me shiver!

Ive got my workout mat, dumbbells (light weight), work out trainers, waist belt, exercise-ball, and last but not least the Wii Console and my favourite Wii workout games.

It's important to purchase a mat that is durable, dumbbells that you can realistically manage (as you don't want to strain the biceps and triceps), waist belt size that comfortably fits round your waist / midriff , pair of comfortable sport trainers with good padding (helps prevent strain on the ankles), exercise-ball that accommodates your stature. Here in the UK, you can purchase the Wii Console at the high street shops eg. Argos, for approximately £250 and up, with the mini Consoles going at £90, but I am sure if you shop around you will be able to get better deals. My choice of Wii workout games / cd's are "The Biggest Loser", "Mya", my Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach (yes my virtual Personal Trainer, and it doesn't cost a penny extra to hire her!), and "Zumba". These are also purchased at any high street shops or game outlets. I think it's worth the investment as it has and still is working for me!

Well this is was a snippet of my main workout tools, which I hope was informative and motivating!

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Let Your Journey Begin!

Lesley C  :)

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