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The festive season has been and gone and this is one of my favourite time of the year!
This is always the time for the three F’s - Family, Friends and last but not least Food!

Christmas is the time for relaxing, unwinding and dining with family and friends.  New Year is the time for celebrations, dinner parties and having fun! 
I did a mini research over the holidays, and discovered that the Christmas and New Year seasons prove to be very challenging periods for many people. It is extremely difficult for one to resist the wide variety of foods and beverages associated with the family gatherings and dinner parties. This does not come as a surprise to me as admittedly I also find it difficult to resist temptation of food this time of year. 

If we are not mindful, we slip into what I call the “revolving door” and I break the revolving door down (no pun intended) into 3 stages:

  •  The Overindulgence in scrumptious, tasty foods and beverages during the Christmas season. Most of these foods aren’t necessarily helpful, especially if you’re looking to lose weight and eating healthy.
  • The Guilt of overindulging and the worry of not being able to fit in that “little black dress” or for the men, that suit you have neatly tucked away in the closet, and is dreaming of wearing to the upcoming New Year’s Eve Ball or that Black Tie event.  Making a grand entrance and having all heads turned!

  •  Panic, this feeling usually comes about right after the festive season has past and gone; Most popular New Year’s Resolution? To regain your pre-Christmas figure or to lose additional weight.
Gymnasium sales usually go through the roof in the January period through to the beginning of Summertime, as everyone will be panicking to get signed up with one! Does the “revolving door” sound familiar to you? Yes I’m sure!


Temptation , Temptation

I call this the “make it or break it season” as I find that this time of year the temptation to overeat is through the roof! Throughout the Christmas season I paid particular attention to advertisements and unsurprisingly observed that food adverts in particular had increased dramatically! It was all around, on the Telly, Radio, Magazines, on the sides of public transports, you name it! I noticed also that the eateries, as well as high street shops were having a field day! They threw in plenty “two-for-the-price-of-one”, and “buy-one-get-one-free” deals, discounts, and packages for us to purchase large quantities of food very cheaply! Is it only me or do you ever notice the huge variety of foods being advertised, and how persuasive these adverts can also be? They over-exaggerate the foods they advertise. Instead of simply saying “Ham” you will see an advert with “Honey glazed Ham” or for Turkey, “scrumptious Turkey Breast Joint stuffed with Sage and Onion” and the variety range from seafood to trimmings, roasts, party platters, mince pies, and the list goes on! 

On the flip side, have you ever noticed too that after the Christmas holidays the advertisements tend to make a full 360 degree spin? Instead of trying to persuade us to eat, eat, eat, and be merry, the adverts changed their tune to get us to lose back the weight gained by whatever means i.e. quick low fat diets, new Gym memberships, buying products associated with weight loss.   

All Marketing strategies of course!


Take Control

It’s ok to indulge in good comfort food as long as you do it in moderation so no need to panic! If you are one of many who often fall in the revolving door it’s not too late for you to make a change. In fact, as it is the start of a fresh new year, now is the perfect time to “nip it in the bud” and break the cycle. 

Well done if you have started making the Home Made Juices and started the Walking (see previous blogs)! I would suggest that you continue doing so at least a few times a week to begin with, and I guarantee you wouldn’t need to invest your time and money unnecessarily in the gym after the holidays! 

Here are two tips that you can apply after or during any dinner party:

Tip #1:
Drink a large glass of your homemade juice or a glass of skimmed milk.

If you prefer hot beverage, brew a cup of green tea or squeeze a cut of lemon in hot water.                                                       
This is the Green Tea that I use

Trick :
All the above will cleanse the bowels and urge you to go to the loo (toilet), and is undoubtedly a much healthier and safer option to laxatives.

Tip #2:
Wear a close-fitting undergarment with your outfit for the night (please ensure that the undergarment fits comfortably and does not restrict your breathing or movement).  This is a simple but very effective tip to prevent overeating.

The undergarment will help to keep your midriff “in check”.  Remarkably, the snug fit of the undergarment will prevent your tummy and waistline from expanding too much whilst eating. Wearing it will also limit your food intake as you will feel fuller quickly.

I will elaborate on hot beverages i.e. green tea and also undergarments in later posts.
As always, I end on the note that all new transformation comes with discipline and dedication but will eventually become easier and natural the more you do it. If I can do it you sure can too!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and fabulous New Year’s celebrations!

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Have a great day all!

Lesley C :)

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