Sunday, 7 December 2014

quick pick-me-upper

Apples, Broccoli, Lemons & Pears

 Well it’s the Christmas season and I’m now starting to feel the Christmas spirit!

Had Christmas lunch with colleagues at a Turkish Restaurant the other night.  The ambience was relaxed, inviting, Christmassy and you couldn’t have asked for better entertainment!

I was blown away by the quality and generous portions of food served and admittedly I was      
caught up in the moment, “let my hair down” and indulged in the very elaborate three course  meal, bubbly and good old English Earl Grey tea.  

Whenever I dine out I’m normally quite disciplined on what I choose off the menu (usually Vegetarian) and how much I eat;  but as this is the Christmas season I made an exception.  C’mon folks I am only human!


 Had an amazing meal, good sized portion and spectacular evening, but must confess that I felt sluggish afterwards.  I suspect this was down to the generous portions of the meal served.


My Remedy:
I’ve got different remedies that work for me after overindulging and feeling lethargic. On this occasion, when I went home I dragged out the old Juicer, nipped in the refrigerator and grabbed whatever Fruits were on display, and whipped up my Juice.

Luckily I had some:


Throw the Pears, Apples, and Broccoli all in the Juicer, squeeze a Lemon in and you’re done!                                  
As usual, you can also throw some Ginger in to give it that “kick” if you choose.

Final Product!
Quick, Simple, Easy and ready in minutes!   A great energy boost and quick pick-me-upper!