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As always I have to start by saying Thanks to everyone who view, read, comment on my blog. The comments have all been positive and encouraging so far!  Due to the demand for more tips on beverages, and as last week’s blog was a snippet or sneak preview on and how to utilize beverages in a healthy way to drop the pounds, I have  decided to do my 2nd post on the same subject.....BEVERAGES and a little bit extra on WALKING. 

Today I will not be elaborating on the homemade Juices that I make per se, but I will be focusing more on the other beverages that I regularly drink and that are also a big contributor to me dropping the dress sizes. You will be amazed to see how obvious these liquids are, how we take them for granted and that YES they help to induce weight loss!

We all know the important catch phrase "water is life" and yes it is. In fact, it is the most important nutrient for us, especially for people who are active.
It is also the #1 beverage to keeping fit, healthy, and aids in weight loss. I always have a bottle of water with me throughout the day, and of course this means I make regular trips to the loo (toilet) to wee, so be warned!

Water keeps the body well hydrated, and this (good hydration) also supports weight loss.

I also ensure that I have a bottle of water with me during my physical activities - may it be workouts, jogging or simply walking. The water replaces the fluids that are lost from sweating through my activities. Having said this, please note that it is also important NOT to drink too much or excessive amounts of water AFTER  exercising, as this could lead to Hyponatremia, which is a health condition that occurs when the level of sodium in your blood is abnormally low (feel free to look this up to learn more about it or by all means chat to your General Practitioner). What I do is drink before, throughout and after my work outs, walks, in order to keep it in the balance.

Let's be realistic, we’re not always going to have dosh (money) to buy fruits to throw in the Juicer. When I’m not drinking my home made Juices I drink water or milk....yes MILK! Will elaborate on this later.  Having disciplined myself to follow this routine, I can honestly say that I haven't drunk a shop bought drink or any other drink apart from homemade juices, water or milk for the past 2 years now and still going. I've discovered that this routine or trick, as you may want to term it, has worked for me and is also a major contributor to me dropping the pounds.

Important Note: Drinking plenty water is not a magical key to weight loss; however, coupled with physical activities (however small) and healthy eating, it definitely adds as a bonus to you shifting the weight.

Tip for you:
I often throw a slice of lemon in my water or simply squeeze a lemon in. This was a tip from the Dietician. Why? Coupled with the loads of benefits such as giving your immune system a boost, cleansing your system, reducing inflammation, and the list goes on; Lemons also contain pectin fibre, which assists in fighting hunger cravings. It is ideal to drink a glass of water with Lemon first thing in the morning too. I religiously practice this until it becomes a habit…a good habit.

Water Filter Jug:
 You would have gathered from my previous blog that I always look for deals and ways to save money whilst maintaining good health and diet. Whenever I am in my home country, the lovely Jamaica, I drink tap water; however, when I’m home in London I drink filtered or bottled water only. No particular reasons to be honest, but this is what I chose to do. Instead of buying cases of water every week, of course I opt for a cost effective way of topping up on my water. I invested in a water filter Jug around 2 years ago and never looked back since.  Water filter Jug in comparison to buying cases of water weekly? No brainer…this has saved me a lot on the £s.

My Jug is a Brita, which is a popular brand here in the UK and cost me a mere tenner (£10)! Got mine from Argos. You can also get an “Aqua Optima” brand jug for under £5 or as high as £60 (same brand).  The Jug uses refills / cartridges and has an indicator that prompts you when the cartridge needs changing. You can get a pack of 2 cartridge / refills for £10, but if you shop around you might get cheaper deals. The downside is that the refills expire quickly, which can be annoying. This means you will need to top up often – probably every 4 weeks; alternatively you could invest in a tap filter which is a tiny gadget that you just attach to the kitchen tap (google this for more info).  If you are about to purchase a new refrigerator you could also invest in one with a built-in water filter jug. 
Tap Filter
Refrigerator with buit in water filter Jug

Skimmed Milk
As mentioned earlier, drinking plenty milk helps with the weight loss! There is a wide variety of milk to choose from and not all milks are associated to weight loss. In the past I use to consume plenty Almond and Soya milks, but I’ve now 98% converted to skimmed milk, as I was advised that this milk is best for aiding weight loss.  Almond milk is made from finely blending and straining almond and water – it’s an alternative to non-organic dairy products and beverages made from soya beans. This beverage will obviously be a no no if you are allergic to nuts. Soya Milk or Soy Milk  is what it says it is – it’s a plant milk made from soaking dried soybeans and grinding them in water, and is also an alternative to non-organic dairy products. Soy Milk is great for people who are lactose intolerant.

At first I was a bit hesitant as skimmed milk is not as tasty as the other milks, but eventually I got use to it.  I purchase my 4 pints bottle of milk from Iceland for only £1.  My UK readers will know that the milk is colour coded which helps shoppers to differentiate them easily i.e. Full fat cow’s milk or whole milk has the blue top / cork and blue label on the packaging, Semi-Skimmed milk has the green, and my choice , the Skimmed milk has the red top and red label on packaging.

For The Kiddies:
Full Fat Cow's Milk
Even though skimmed milk is my choice I buy full fat cow’s milk for the kids as this is packed full of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, which are important for strengthening immunity to infections, and keeping bones healthy. Of course, these are essential for children’s growth and development.


For all my readers who are not yet active, haven't done any physical activities for a while now, or do not work out much, you can start by simply walking! A walk to the shopping mall, the park, you name it. If you take the public transport, get off a stop or two before your destination and walk! Park the car and walk! Having said this, I must emphasise that if you  haven't been active for a while, please always remember to check with your General Practitioner / Doctor for a physical check up and to get the green light before taking on ANY activities. This is what I did.

I absolutely love, love, love walking and always feel refreshed and energized after my early morning walks. Walking is also good for your wellbeing, more so if you have a very busy lifestyle with work, kids, like myself, and the whole shebang. I tend to get more in touch with nature when I do my walks. I notice the birds more, the squirrels, butterflies, trees, heck even the leaves on the trees! Spring is my fave season for doing my walks and I enjoy simply taking breaths of fresh air, and smelling the freshly cut grass. This is the season that the little creatures come out of hibernation and are most active. It is always fascinating to watch them as they busily scamper about their daily lives….awww.. Would I have noticed all this if I was driving in a car or had I taken the public transport? Absolutely not!

I always end on a note that all these new transformation will take discipline and dedication but will eventually become easier and natural the more you do it; and if I can do it you sure can too!

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 Have a great day all and Let The Journey Begin!    

Lesley C  ;)

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